Catfishermans Brand Lithium Battery for Kayaks and Belly Boats - Starting at $250.00

Catfishermans Kayak Lithium Batteries are Lifep04 and can be charged quickly. Catfishermans Fishing Gear offers a 17ah lithium lifep04 battery that utilizes an xt60 connection for maximum power output. In addition, Catfishermans Kayak edition lithium batteries are lighter and will last longer than the same amp hour rated sealed lead acid  battery. 

Advantages of Lifepo4 Batteries over the others:

High charging and discharging efficiency

  • Can be charged fast and discharged fast over and over

lifepo4 battery has a high safety performance
  • The P-O bond in the lithium iron phosphate crystal is stable
Lifepo4 battery long cycle life
  • The long-life lead-acid battery has a cycle life of about 300 times, and the highest is 500 times. The lithium iron phosphate power battery has a cycle life of more than 2000 times
Good temperature performance
  • The peak temperature of lithium iron phosphate can reach 350 ° C -500 ° C while lithium manganite and lithium cobaltite are only around 200 ° C. Wide operating temperature range (-20C–+75C), with high-temperature resistance, lithium iron phosphate electric heating peak can reach 350 °C-500 °C, while lithium manganite and lithium cobalt oxide only at 200 °C.

Lifepo4 battery High capacity
Lightweight of lifepo4 battery
  • The lifepo4 battery of the same specification capacity is 2/3 of the volume of the lead-acid battery, and the weight is 1/3 of the lead-acid battery.

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